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my website

posted on Friday, 11 October 2019

For years i've been playing around with CMS like wordpress and such, and normally I would just create my own homepage in such an CMS. However, in the pursuit of learning HTML, CSS, CMS, JavaScript better, and learn how CMS works from scratch, both server-side and client-side, I've developed my own webserver completely from scratch with Node.js. Right now my server-application runs on heroku for stability reasons. My plan is to setup an arduino from home, to host my server.

So far my server-application is stable and can handle post- and get-requests from the client, like requesting front- and subpages, read and write posts, which reads/write to external database created with MongoDB. Furthermore I've developed an authentication system, its possible to create an user and login, and certain pages are only visible by user authenticated to see them. Security-wise the creation of users are hashed with md-5 hashing, and no plaintext password is ever stored in the database.

The post function is rather simple and allows for HMTL-tags. Its possible to post to the blog, but nothing else. Next step is to create an update and delete method. Possible creating some different user-privileges, such an admin, moderator, normal user.

The idea with this website is to 1) have an online CV, and 2) create a functioning CMS from scratch like wordpress ( a light version :P ).

// this post will be updated everytime i add new features.